Project: Low Cost, Long Range - 900 MHz ISM Band Transceiver




Design Services Performed:


This low cost 900 MHz, ISM band transceiver was designed for long range data acquisition / remote monitoring applications. What makes this design ideally suited for long range use - is the application of a controlled power amplifier and careful narrow band receiver design. The transceiver may be used as a single frequency device or frequency hopping algorithms may be employed. Either FSK or OOK modulation may be used. Full read back of the transceiver state including lock detect and received signal strength (RSSI) are available. An on board PIC microprocessor handles the digital programming chores and accepts RS232 commands in plain English.

  • Part 15 compliant design.
  • Narrow band receiver for excellent adjacent channel interference rejection.
  • Digitally controlled power amplifier for optimized power consumption and range.
  • Switchable LNA gains to optimize sensitivity and dynamic range in strong signal areas.
  • When mated to a 4 element Yagi - the design is nearly interference proof in point to point applications.
  • Range over 20 miles possible.
  • 38 k Baud FSK.
  • OOK (On Off Keying) mode also possible - like Morse code - for even longer range.
  • Full 900 MHz band operation with 300 Hz frequency resolution.
  • True, solid state antenna switching for low loss, low distortion operation.
  • Low power consumption, single +3 volt supply operation - ideal for solar installations.
  • Optional TCXO or for extreme frequency accuracy.
  • Environmentally rugged design, -40 to 70 Deg C operating range, fully ESD protected.


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