Project: Part 15 - PC Controlled MP-3 FM Transmitter


 Design prototype during assembly

Design Services Performed:


This low cost MP-3 player was designed to be run from a PC via a USB interface. The MP-3 audio from a PC sound card is transmitted to a home stereo via a synthesized FM Transmitter. Also included is a 433 MHz wireless remote control to provide basic VCR type functionality to the whole design.

  • Plays MP-3 files in true stereo from a PC to any home audio system.
  • USB control from a PC.
  • Synthesized, tunable, low power FM Stereo transmitter.
  • Part 15, FCC EMI compliance testing for spurious responses and harmonics emissions.
  • FM broadcast band PLL synthesizer design.
  • Wireless remote control using a standard key chain type transmitter.
  • Powered from the USB port, single +5 volt supply operation.
  • 100 foot plus transmitting range (within Part 15 regulations).
  • Designed to fit a standard TV type remote control enclosure with antenna attached.
  • Optional USB audio connection that bypasses the PC's Sound Card.

Simple USB and audio connection to a home PC allows the playing of MP-3 files to any home stereo system via Stereo FM transmitter. With the addition of a USB audio section will allow a single connection to the PC, bypassing the internal sound card.

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