Project: Five Output Test & Measurement Supply



Design Services Performed:


This power supply was designed and delivered in less than 4 weeks for a client that had discovered that his power supply solution would not work in his vehicular test and measurement application. Leveraging the clients existing parts inventory and parts directly available from local distributors this supply was designed and sent out for fabrication in 7 days, thereby preserving their delivery schedule. The power supply combined the existing main power source and two previously separate Cellular telephone Li-Ion battery chargers into one modular unit. A PC controlled test fixture was built and test software was developed in Agilent VEE to provide the client with a turn-key testing solution.

  • 9-36 VDC Automotive input range.
  • Input: load dump, surge and reverse voltage protected.
  • Fully automotive SAE J1211 compliant design.
  • Five output: +12 V @ 3 A, +5 V @ 1.5 A, +3.3 V @ 3 A and two 3-10 V Li-Ion battery chargers.
  • 89% Efficiency.
  • Low noise design for powering vehicular test and measurement equipment.
  • Designed to leverage existing parts inventory and commonly available distributor parts.
  • Environmentally rugged design, -40 to 75 Deg C operating range.


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