Project: OEM 20 Watt SIP DC/DC Converter




Design Services Performed:


This DC/DC converter was designed for a flexible OEM manufacturing line. The outputs can be set to 1.8 to 5 volts and the input voltage range can range from Vout to 16 VDC. This 20 watt, non-isolated design runs at 220 kHz and produces efficiencies up to 96%.

  • 1.8 to 5 volt outputs.
  • Vout to 16 volt input range.
  • Up to 20 watts output power..
  • 89% Efficiency.
  • Cycle by cycle output short circuit protection.
  • Output trim and remote On/Off pins.
  • Space saving - Modular SIP package.
  • Designed to leverage existing parts inventory and commonly available distributor parts.
  • Environmentally rugged design, -40 to 75 Deg C operating range.


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