Project: Commercial Radio Station Data Logger



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This project was for a commercial radio station data logger. The basic idea is to have 32 microphone switch inputs that the TimeLogger would track and record which mike was on or off and the time and date when the change occurred. The unit has a built in RS232 link that it would periodically use to download the data to a PC in a spreadsheet compatible format. The heart of the unit is a PIC microcontroller interfaced to industrial strength switch input debouncers. Also included: 8k of outboard static RAM for data logging, LCD status display and a battery backed up real time clock.

  • 32 industrial strength switch inputs (back panel).
  • PIC Microcontroller with 8k of external memory and real time clock.
  • RS232 control.
  • Complete PC based download application written that saves the logged data to a spread sheet format ASCII file.
  • Backlit LCD status display that gives positive user feedback.
  • Conducted EMI protection (it operates at a radio station).
  • UL Approved 'wall-wart' type AC power for easy UL / CSA approval.
  • Full end to end project from concept, to prototype, to PCB design and delivery.

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